We offer challenges very early on. We trust in our people and their abilities. We realize that learning from mistakes builds capability. We thus empower our people. We help them learn all the time Ė early challenges, very diverse job roles, fast-track possibilities. We build leaders, who in turn build the future.

At ROLLCON, career is not just about vertical growth. It is enhancing true competence. It is about taking intelligent risks with people. It is about trust. It is about breakthrough performance. We respect talent. We respect our people.

  • Work in an industry that offers people the chance to be healthier!
  • Work in the realm of pharmaceutical research!
  • Be a part of vital medical discoveries!

Thatís life at Rollconís Pharmaceutical. We are strong team that works collaboratively to make a difference in human lives.

We believe that our work culture empowers our people as an individual to lead by example. We make every effort to ensure that our people have an exciting and fulfilling career, where learning and growth never cease.

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