• We market Pharmaceutical products, which will satisfy continuing needs of our customers.
  • This will be achieved by application of sound Quality Management System and adopting current Good Manufacturing Practices and complying all regulatory requirements.
  • While doing so we shall keep in mind safety of our employees, all work processes as well as our natural environment.
  • The Company shall manufacture products of high quality, which shall be safe for human consumption and shall have consistent properties of dosage form.
  • We consider our human resources as one of the biggest asset. Our qualified and trained staff is provided constant training to upgrade their skills and stay conversant with state of art technology.
  • We value motivation amongst our personnel as an important factor to make them more competent and quality conscious.
  • The quality assurance of  products is the obligation of the company and all the departments of the company share it by keeping vigil while purchasing, maintaining,  testing, distribution and marketing of its products.
  • The company shall make available all the requisite measures and resources to achieve the above goals.

Best quality at optimum cost is achieved through improved efficiency and involvement.

All these efforts go a long way in strengthening our position as a leading pharmaceutical exporter in India.

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